Legacy Land Conservancy Protects a Key Natural Area

Legacy Land Conservancy has signed a conservation easement agreement with Dorothy Brooks for 20 acres of natural area adjacent to Hudson Mills Metropark. The property is a maple dominated woods and wetland with 2,900 feet of stream frontage including 265 feet along the Huron River that hosts diverse plant and animal communities along the Huron River Water Trail. The wetland and floodplain of this property serve as the final filtration point for water flowing from a nearby lake.  Floodplain areas contribute to natural flood and erosion control, maintain water temperatures, and filter runoff. Protecting this land retains the natural character of the waterway and the adjacent Metropark. The public benefits of clean water from this location are unmistakable. The family said that protecting this land forever was an important milestone for them.

L-R Susan LaCroix, Diana Kern, Dorothy Brooks, Susan Lackey, Jean Cares

“Securing the Brooks Conservation Easement helps to ensure habitat connectivity with the adjacent natural, public, protected land, which is important for plant and animal communities” said Legacy Executive Director Diana Kern. “If this land was to be developed it would create increased runoff within 1,000 feet of the main stem of the Huron River.”

Ms. Brooks’ family donated a sizeable portion of the conservation easement value and the funding for the remaining amount came from donations made by Legacy’s generous donors with matching funds from the Carls Foundation.

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