Dusk brings a shockingly beautiful sight these past few weeks of January—hundreds upon hundreds of crows gathering in the trees across the street from my office, until there are so many that the silhouette looks like summer trees full of leaves fluttering in the wind. The Washtenaw Audubon Society counted 30,000 crows in Washtenaw during […]

A Wild Find

I had a great deal of fun visiting one of our protected farms last week. In addition to saying hello to the horses, chickens, goats, sheep, bees, and even a llama or two, we ran across a plant in the swampy area that our farmer/land protector couldn’t identify. It’s a grass-like plant, green and tall, […]

Autumn in the Woods

Early October. Glorious day, clear and cool. In the 100-acre wood, autumn color is just beginning to turn everywhere you look. Wild orchids spotted where there were none. Bullfrogs commenting to one another on the perfect weather. Spice bush giving off its delightful scent. Even the poison sumac, dangerous to touch, is a dazzling crimson. […]