From the Beginning to the Present: A Brief History of Legacy Land Conservancy- Barry Lonik

Legacy Land Conservancy traces its origin—and that of private land conservation in Michigan—to very modest beginnings in 1971. It was then that a small group of dedicated folks incorporated the Washtenaw Land Conservancy, the first organization created to save local land in the state. WLC’s bylaws stated “The purpose of the Washtenaw Land Conservancy is […]

Protected: Badgley-Smith property in Sylvan Township

Dr. Gerald R. Smith and Dr. Catherine Badgley marked the summer solstice this year by preserving 110 acres in partnership with Legacy Land Conservancy. The land, located in Sylvan Township, includes fen, grassland and a rare tamarack swamp and is a high priority parcel for the protection of the Huron River Watershed.