Iron Creek Preserve

Iron Creek Preserve


Donated in 2024, Iron Creek Preserve was made possible through the generosity of landowners Sybil Kolon and Maan Abdulbaki. Tucked away along a dirt road canopied with lush foliage on 1000 feet of water frontage on Iron Creek, this 79-acre preserve features rolling oak-hickory forest, dotted with intermittent wetlands including the more unique remnant prairie fen and domed fen.

The preserve is not yet open to the public, but a tentative opening is planned for spring 2025 and is dependent on funding.

In order to responsibly manage the property in perpetuity, Legacy is fundraising for a stewardship endowment to cover ongoing management costs. More than half has been raised by leveraging federal, state, and local funding sources, but over $400,000 is still needed. The public can help support Iron Creek Preserve fundraising efforts by donating here.

During this time, staff is diligently working behind the scenes to ensure that when we do open the property to visitors, it is accessible and safe.

More details about upcoming preserve workdays can be found on our Event page. Check out the Event calendar here

Stay tuned for details!