Celebrating the Legacy of the Land– Special Exhibits

Van der Schalie Property- Trees in RiverThis year Legacy Land Conservancy is undertaking several projects to explore and celebrate the benefits which connection to the land brings to human beings.  Collaborating with Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Sandhill Crane Vineyards, the Conservancy is presenting two major Art Exhibitions and several Special Exhibits to celebrate the land and all it brings us.

The land that supports all the natural systems people depend on for life is vitally important.  Often, we do not take time to recognize this.  Fostering recognition of the connection between land and people is a key component of Legacy’s mission.

Over the course of summer 2013, Legacy’s Special Exhibits will highlight the ways people benefit from their interactions with the land.  These Special Exhibits will be installed at the Ann Arbor District Library, the University of Michigan Hospitals and at locations still to be determined in Jackson County.

The Special Exhibits consist of four components.  The first component presents quotations, readings and sayings of poets, writers and environmentalists from the past 175 years.  These are matched to photographic images from Legacy Land Conservancy archives showing properties which have been preserved through the Conservancy.  The second component shows medicinal herbs that can be found on Legacy properties and similar lands in southeast Michigan.  Photos of the herbs and descriptions of their effects will be presented.  The third component discusses the beneficial impact that interacting with nature and wild places has on children and their development.  The fourth component consists of photographs of special species of wildlife found on the preserved lands.  These species are uncommon to rare or threatened.

The Library exhibit will be posted from July 24 through September 1, 2013.  When the exhibit at the Ann Arbor District Library closes, the second and third components of the exhibit will be transferred to display cases in the U of M Hospitals, where they will be posted from  ________________________  to ___________________. (Note: exact dates and locations are still TBD.) The whole exhibit will then be transferred to a location still to be determined in Jackson, Michigan, for display from (TBD) to (TBD), 2014.