Autumn in the Woods

Early October. Glorious day, clear and cool. In the 100-acre wood, autumn color is just beginning to turn everywhere you look. Wild orchids spotted where there were none. Bullfrogs commenting to one another on the perfect weather. Spice bush giving off its delightful scent. Even the poison sumac, dangerous to touch, is a dazzling crimson. One part of the wood is called “The Chapel,” and you can see why. Property lines, township lines—manmade constructions all—melt away as we watch the clear creek run past us. Staff and volunteers alike walk, and touch, breathe deep, and sigh. Good conversation and sweets from the local bakery top off a perfect day.

If you’d like to volunteer to help with annual site visits in 2008, please call us at 734-302-5263 or email

More information about the 100-acre wood.