Sherri Munson Preserves Diverse Habitat in Webster Township

7.8 Acres protected

View of Woodland on Munson Parcel

In partnership with the Huron River Watershed Council and Legacy Land Conservancy, the land owned by Sherri Munson was identified and preserved as a high quality parcel for the protection of Arms Lake and Arms Creek. This area is now one of the 10 protected parcels in the Watershed and adds to the easements held by Legacy and Webster Township in the immediate area.

The protection of this parcel is truly important to the well-being of the surrounding ecosystem, as it houses an unusually broad range of habitats and natural life for a property of its size. The 7.8 acres include wetlands, forb and grass communities, emergent marshes, and remnants of pre-settlement oak forests.

The preservation of this area within the watershed of Arms Creek and the Huron River helps ensure the quality and quantity of water resources for the Ann Arbor area. In fact, Arms Creek is the cleanest creek in the Huron River Watershed and is a designated Scenic River.

Not only does this wedge of land provide high quality of water, but it is also the natural habitat for an immensely diverse range of wildlife and plant species. The natural wetlands of this area are home to many aquatic invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, as well as aquatic vegetation. The Munson property is even home to rare plant species such as Arrowhead and Dodder.

Munson’s protection of her land ensures the health and longevity of this community’s ecosystem and wildlife. “This is wonderful as the land remains in its natural habitat for generations to come.” said Sherri Munson.