Charles Botero Preserves Habitat in Huron River Watershed

32 Acres in Washtenaw County protected

View of Wetland on Botero Parcel

In partnership with Legacy Land Conservancy and supported by Ann Arbor Greenbelt, Charles Botero recently preserved 32 acres in the Huron River Watershed. Used for sheep farming in the past, this high-priority parcel of land protects the view from US 23 and provides important drainage for Horseshoe Creek and the Huron River, while it also provides the natural habitat for many native species of flora and fauna. “When I stopped farming, I began planting trees. Now I know those trees will be here forever,” said Charles Botero.

Botero’s protected parcel of land is home to various fish, wildlife and plants, including: Great Horned Owls, white-tailed deer, other common birds and mammals, and native flora such as mature oak hickory and pine trees and native grasses and forbs. The protection of this area and the wildlife that inhabit it allows the local ecosystem to thrive in a natural state. Botero’s protected property is also conveniently in close proximity to other protected areas and creates a vital natural corridor of over 2,500 feet for wildlife movement running north parallel to US 23.

Protection of these 32 acres within the watershed of Horseshoe Creek and the Huron River helps to ensure the quality and quantity of water resources for the Whitmore Lake area, which is subject to protracted seasonal flooding. The protected property includes 600 feet of frontage on the Catholic Church-Horseshoe Lake Drain, and another 2,500 feet of frontage on a tributary to that drain. Botero’s preservation of his land adds to the work being done by Legacy Land Conservancy and other conservancies in Southeast Michigan to protect the health of this community’s natural ecosystem.