New Parcels Protected

Charles Botero Preserves 32 Acres in Washtenaw County

In partnership with Legacy Land Conservancy and supported by Ann Arbor Greenbelt, Charles Botero recently preserved 32 acres in the Huron River Watershed. Used for sheep farming in the past, this parcel provides drainage for Horseshoe Creek and the Huron River, and is home to Great Horned Owls, white-tailed deer, and native flora such as mature oak hickory, pines, native grasses and forbs.

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View of Wetland on Botero Parcel
Sherri Munson Preserves 7.8 Acres in Webster Township

In partnership with the Huron River Watershed Council and Legacy Land Conservancy, an Arms Lake and Arms Creek parcel owned by Sherri Munson is now protected. This parcel is important to the well-being of the surrounding ecosystem, as it houses an unusually broad range of habitats and natural life. The 7.8 acres include wetlands, forb and grass communities, emergent marshes, and remnants of pre-settlement oak forests.

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View of Woodland on Munson Parcel