Volunteer Spotlight: Jo Mayer

Jo Mayer, Stewardship Volunteer
May 2023

Volunteer Jo Mayer (center) at a Beckwith Preserve workday

Volunteer Jo Mayer (center) at a Beckwith Preserve workday

For over ten years, Jo has been involved with Legacy through her work at Beckwith Preserve, which is located in downtown Stockbridge. Her deep community ties have made Jo the go-to resource and strong influence behind Legacy’s connection with the surrounding area.

Retired from the Stockbridge Community Schools in 2017, Jo remains committed to the area and serves on the board of the Stockbridge Area Wellness Coalition. Always looking to improve the health of her community, she helped champion the Stockbridge Pathways Initiative–which ties into the Beckwith trails by design– and helped with Beckwith’s most recent connection to the Michigan DNR Mike Levine Lakelands Trail!

And when she’s not literally connecting Legacy to the community trails, Jo connects us with area leaders, publications, and organizations (like the local high school!) AND organizes and participates in cleanups at Beckwith.

Thank you, Jo!

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