Volunteer Spotlight: Charlie Sutherland

Charlie Sutherland – Photomonitoring Volunteer
September 2022

volunteer Charlie Sutherland

U School teacher and Legacy volunteer, Charlie Sutherland

Charlie is a relatively new volunteer for Legacy, but he has made a big impact in that short time! As a teacher at the Ubuntu School (also known as the U School), Charlie connected with Legacy to utilize a nearby conservation easement—that the school calls Green Farm Park—as an outdoor learning center for the students. Over the past year, Charlie and the other teachers at the U School have utilized Green Farm Park to teach the students about birds and local wildlife, invasive species (in a very hands-on way by pulling enough garlic mustard to fill a couple bags!), and to get outside and love nature! In addition to his innovative educational work at the U School, this year Charlie began volunteering with Legacy as a photomonitor.

We are so grateful for the time Charlie donates to Legacy and for the work he is doing to inspire the next generation of conservation leaders!

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