Welcome, 2022 Stewardship Crew!

Summer is here and so is our Stewardship Crew! Legacy is excited to welcome our 2022 Stewardship Crew who will be giving our preserves a much needed stewardship boost the next few months.  Welcome, Xu and Chris!

Xu Zhou stewardship crew member 2022Xu Zhou

Xu Zhou is a graduate student pursuing a dual degree in Landscape Architecture and Ecosystem Science Management in the School of Environment and Sustainability at U of M. She is passionate about conservation and restoration related works. She wants to dedicate herself to restoring damaged ecosystems and repairing the relationships between people and landscapes. Zhou received her bachelor degree of Engineering majoring in Landscape Architecture in Beijing Forestry University, China. She worked briefly as a outdoor adventure coordinator after graduation where she guided amateurs hiking while enjoying the nature. She volunteers at the Ann Arbor Nature Area Preserve to help remove invasive species in her free time. She enjoys cooking, hiking, skiing and kayaking. Zhou is excited to join Legacy stewardship team this summer.

Chris Boyce stewardship crew 2022 memberChris Boyce

Born and raised in central Jersey, Chris caught his early interest in conservation and the natural world exploring everything from the Pine Barrens in his backyard to the Jersey shore down the road. After graduating from a marine science vocational high school, he pursued a degree in marine/environmental science from Florida Gulf Coast University. While there, he studied the effects of urbanization on epifauna/flora seagrass communities along the Caloosahatchee River. After graduating, Chris moved to Michigan with his long time girlfriend and is excited to work with Legacy this summer!

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