Thank you, Dana!

thank you dana celebration

Legacy staff & board, volunteers, friends, and family gathered at Johnson Preserve to thank Dana Wright for her time at Legacy.

Amidst the chaos of 2020 you may have noticed a change within the Legacy stewardship team:  longtime volunteer coordinator and steward extraordinaire, Dana Wright, is no longer working with Legacy.  While it may have come as a surprise to most, it was a planned, systematic, and orderly transition that quietly came to fruition over the last year and was driven by Dana’s health and well-being.  Because of the complicated circumstances surrounding her departure, Legacy was not able to properly thank Dana for her many years of service and dedication, until now. 

Even though Dana has officially transitioned off the Legacy team, she will always be part of the Legacy family. We are so grateful for her many years of service to Legacy.  Her work ethic, laughter, and dedication to protecting and stewarding land is an inspiration to us all.

Thank you, Dana!

We set up a Kudoboard to share our messages of thanks with Dana.  Click on the link to send a note to Dana or read what people have written about Dana!

Watch our Thank you, Dana! video

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