Stewardship Crew Ready for Field Work

Legacy is excited to welcome our 2020 summer Stewardship Crew. We are looking forward to working with them!


Janelle Aethyr

After having children young, Janelle worked as a dental assistant for over a decade. She returned to school later in life to pursue her dream of obtaining a degree in biology, a life-long passion of hers.  She graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2019 with the aspiration of working in ecological restoration and conservation. Janelle has four children, and loves herpetology, camping, hiking, cooking, and reading.  She is looking forward to working with Legacy this summer to maintain trails and remove invasive plants.



Jamie Pauline

Jamie has lived in Michigan for her entire life, and her love for our beautiful state drove her to pursue an environmental science major. A senior at University of Michigan – Dearborn, Jamie aspires to a career in studying and protecting our environment – hopefully something that revolves around wildlife! In her spare time, Jamie loves playing the flute, reading, hiking, and hanging out with friends both human and not.

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