Lily’s Story: A Volunteer Fairy Tale

Legacy is proud to present this original story by Lily Gray-Wright.  Lily is the 11-year old daughter of Dana Wright, our Stewardship Coordinator.  

Garlic Mustard, Invasive Species, Michigan Invasive Species

Garlic Mustard

Once upon a time there was a volunteer named Brianna. Brianna liked to ride her unicorn, Sparkles, and one day they found an invasive species growing on a rainbow. They identified the species as garlic mustard, and they plucked it off of the rainbow. That night they had a garlic mustard and spinach salad with wild raspberries on top.

The next day, they came back to the rainbow and there were lots of autumn

Autumn Olive, Invasive Species, Michigan invasive species

Autumn Olive

olive bushes growing on it! They picked all the autumn olive berries and cut down the trees. Then, Brianna sprayed magic purple paint on the stumps. When Brianna and Sparkles got home, they had leftover salad for dinner, and for dessert, they had autumn olive berry pie.

The third day, Brianna and Sparkles came to the rainbow again and this time there was some Queen Anne’s lace (aka wild carrots) growing on it. Brianna and Sparkles sprung into action and soon they had picked all the wild carrots!

Queen Anne's Lace, Invasive Species, Michigan Invasive Species

Queen Anne’s Lace. Photo by Barb Michniewicz

For dinner, they had wild carrot soup.

On the fourth day, they came back and there weren’t any invasive species on the rainbow at all! The rainbow smiled and said “Thank you for freeing me of those pesky plants!” and they all lived happily ever after.

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  1. Dear Lily,
    I love stories with happy endings. I wish all volunteers got to ride unicorns! And how cool that Brianna and Sparkles got so many treats for all their hard work. Although you wrote a story, there are elements of your story that are like the real-world- the invasive species. Thank you for inspiring me about how to manage invasive species so I can see the beauty of what lies beneath them.

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