Announcing the Koenn Easement!

Chuck and Judy Koenn have protected 190 acres of farmland, woods, and wetland in Sylvan Township, Washtenaw County, through the Wasthenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission’s Natural Areas Protection PMichigan Farm, Farmland, Easement rogram.  Legacy is proud to provide staff time for the farmland protection aspect of that program.

A permanent conservation agreement on 110 acres of the Koenn farm guarantees that land will never be developed for non-farming uses, and it remains private property. Next door to that protected farmland is the new 80-acre Herman L. Koenn Preserve. The Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission purchased this unique property to permanently protect diverse wetland habitats, including a blueberry bog. The new public preserve will open when trails and a parking area are complete.

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  1. Susan and others:
    John Swales would like to walk around the Koenn preserve to survey buttterflies in conjunction with his yearly Spring survey of butterflies on our property. Is that allowed? can you send me a map or instructions for access? If anyone would like to go along and learn about our butterflies, it would by good.

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