Forever Fund


Legacy needs your help to ensure that we are able to keep the promise to future generations that the lands entrusted to us for protection and preservation will be protected forever.

Legacy has established the Forever Fund to ensure that lands we conserve will stay protected for all time. This special fund serves two important functions.  It ensures that resources will always be available for annual site visits on all of Legacy’s conservation properties to enforce compliance with the terms of the conservation agreement. The second vital function of the Forever Fund is to serve as a legal defense fund.  We have all worked carefully to make certain that the conservation agreements pass the test of time. Yet, we know that future circumstances may require legal action to enforce such agreements to prevent development or other uses of the land that would violate them. The Forever Fund ensures that we will always have the resources necessary to defend protected land if needed.

We have calculated that every protected property will require a $7000 commitment to the Forever Fund.  We would like to ask you to consider a gift to the Forever Fund to ensure the continued protection of these vital natural areas.

Your tax deductible gift can be made today, or in a multi-year pledge.  Some families include this in their estate planning, while others ask family members to recognize an important birthday or anniversary with gifts toward the Forever Fund.  Whatever gift you care to make, it will help ensure that your land will remain just as you have intended, forever.