A Ball of Fluff

A Ball of Fluff

Just like you & me, birds appreciate a down coat when the snow is flying. They have a distinct advantage, though: they can fluff up their own feathers to keep warm! Here’s one bird doing its best to stay warm.

Winter Wonderland

A recent walk on one of our nature preserves yielded a snowy treat. When the air is moist, the temperature is cold, and the wind is low, hoar frost can form on branches, coating the trees and berries in a layer of delicate, intricate crystals. Photos of this delightful winter phenomenon.

A Tree that Tells a Story

When you see a large, old tree whose branches reach out to all sides, spreading out wide rather than reaching mostly upward, you know something about this tree, and about the land it grows on: Even if it is now in the middle of a forest, it originally grew in the open. A tree growing […]

A Hopeful Sign of Spring

Spring has sprung—and she is so generous that she even let Old Man Winter stop by for another day or two… Through the mud, a patch of lingering dirty snow, and the dead leaves left over from last fall…a delicate blue-purple flower unfurls. This photo of lovely hepatica blossoms was taken by Land Trust member […]