Special Directed Giving

Special Directed Giving

Featured Project: Reichert Preserve

In 2012, Dr. Rudolph Reichert, at the recommendation of his beloved wife Sue, donated a nearly 100 acre nature preserve to Legacy Land Conservancy. The Reichert Preserve is comprised of eight unique eco-systems, including a large marsh complex that filters the water flowing into the two great watersheds. There are also diverse native forests and a series of ponds that welcome a wide variety of plants and animals.

Legacy Land Conservancy is committed to building on the bequest Dr. Rudolph Reichert and his family has given us. This project requires big thinking and creates a real opportunity to make a difference in our community.

We will:

  1. Look to add adjoining lands to protect the natural environment around the preserve
  2. Work cooperatively with neighbors, groups and schools to implement education and environmental programs for children and adults to learn first-hand on the Preserve
  3. Steward the natural habitat to make sure the Preserve provides a home for the plants and animals that have always made southern Michigan so special.

Thanks to the generosity of the Reichert Family and gifts from several donors, we have put together a challenge gift of $200,000 to realize Dr. Reichert’s legacy: until that total is reached, we will match dollar for dollar your donation or pledge from $1 to $10,000. If you wish to contribute more, we will work with you to build on the challenge.

With your support we can assure that future generations will be able to experience the Reichert Preserve for centuries to come.

Featured Legacy Funds

waterloo preserveStewardship Fund

Protecting the land is only the beginning. Long term conservation requires that Legacy devote hundreds of hours each year to caring for the land we love — particularly the six preserves that we own, and to which the public has access. This conservation costs money; for staff, for native plantings, and for experts to help us understand and manage these important places.

waterloo preserveWaterloo Fund

Those of us in Southeast Michigan are astonishingly fortunate to have the Waterloo Recreation Area (WRA) open to the public to walk, run, hunt, fish, ride horseback and just plain enjoy. Over 20,000 acres open to us all, right here near home.

farmland fundFarmland Fund

The natural areas around us in southern Michigan are undergoing rapid change.  Farmland is disappearing at an alarming average rate of 50 acres per day.  With each farm that is sold off for development, the farm community becomes less able to sustain itself and its supporting business operations like mills, implement shops and services, and access to markets.To protect and enhance the viability of the farm community in the long run, crucially important farmlands in Washtenaw and Jackson County are the highest priority in Legacy’s strategic plan. We are helping to create a movement within the working farm and local conservation communities.  We need your help to invest in this momentum and this farm land conservation project.

waterloo preserveThe Fresh Waters Fund

Water defines us in Michigan, no where more than here, in southern Michigan, where our many rivers provide fresh water to both the Lake Erie and Lake Michigan basins, forming a Great Lakes version of the continental divide. Legacy’s promise is to conserve the lands that, in turn, protect these waters.

forever fund legacy landForever Fund

Legacy needs your help to ensure that we are able to keep the promise to future generations that the lands entrusted to us for protection and preservation will be protected forever.

Legacy has established the Forever Fund to ensure that lands we conserve will stay protected for all time. This special fund serves two important functions. It ensures that resources will always be available for annual site visits on all of Legacy’s conservation properties to enforce compliance with the terms of the conservation agreement.